New World: How Can I Be of Spiritual Service?

There is a moment in your existence when you start asking yourself: What can I do to change the world? How can I contribute to the change? And right after this moment comes a moment of doubt: “Helloooo…I am just a small piece of this world! What can I really do or change?!?!”

The help is always close by; it is inside of each one of us. We are the change we want to see in the world, as Gandhi said. By doing the work on ourselves we are affecting everything and everyone around me. We are changing the world… And even if there is only one person who is listening to us, who follows our example, we did it! We changed a part of the world. This part will spread the vibration through the whole planet.

First step, finding ourselves, is very scary and difficult, but the rewards, the medals are priceless. Now, here is the trick. From this point on the question changes, we are challenged with a new question. We are not asking ourselves anymore, how we can change the world.

Our question now is: HOW CAN I BE OF SPIRITUAL SERIVICE? … and the Universe will respond!

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